Electric scooters – new method to drive through the city

I remember few years ago every child living in the suburbs had a scooter – some kind of vehicle, with two small wheels, operated by pushing away with foot. I and the children from neighborhood were driving in our small streets and that was fun for us. We were making the races or trips in the neighbourhood. It was such a great time.

Why do I write about it in at this moment? Because we can see a big come back of scooters! But today scooters are not a childish toy. Today on scooters we can see mainly adults, sometimes the people of success: wearing expensive suits while driving electric scooter. And yes, that is the second different: today we need strength of muscles no more, it is enough to have a power point and a special loader.

Electric scooters seem to be a great alternative for cars, bicycles or public buses in the city. The scooter is not so big and folding (not as majority of bicycles) so we can take it to the office, put it in the corner and forget it for hours. It is also faster than traveling by foot, sometimes than cars (traffic jams...) and bicycles (a speed of bicycles depends on our strength and energy). Electric scooter can reach speed about 25 km/h. At this moment I think the only defect of this form of transportation is... not so serious look ;). Electric scooters are perfect in big cities with problems with traffic jams. Admittedly it is not so healthy as riding by a bicycle but on scooter we still spend time on fresh (OK, “fresh”) air. +

In my opinion: electric scooters are great and I’m going to buy one. Maybe next week. And what is your opinion? Do you like electric scooters?