Why do you need a smartband

Hi there!

Last month was my birthday and my friend gave me a smartband. She know I like to jogging sometimes and hiking, so she thought that would be a great gift. And she was right :).

This month I spent on testing this smartband and now I can say I am very satisfied.

Every smartband works in similar way. It counts a distance we go (including number of steps) and measures our pulse. It can also observe our sleep activity and show us summary. Smartband connects with our smartphone by Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and send information. We can revise it on bigger screen of smartphone. Some applications prepare for us reviews, tables and another fancy summaries.



My smartband has also an extra function what is very important to me. I can sit for hours and do some stuff and forget about whole world. And my smartband reminds me to stand up and do some easy exercises. I feel much better now and my back doesn’t hurt so much.

I very like this smartband because it motivates me to jogging and hiking. I watch it and see: today I went only 2 km and yesterday – 7 km! So I stand up and make a walk. It helps me a lot to take care of my body and soul too (you know: in a healthy body, healthy mind).

So I really can recommend you to buy a smartband. It is small but really useful.