What kind of transport will be the best for sightseeing?

Sightseeing is one of my favourites activity. Mostly I just go for a walk and watching but if I would like to sightsee during my vacation, I must think about different means of transport. I must feel comfortable and see as much as possible. And, of course, get the ESTA, if I want to visit United States.

1. Electric scooter

In European cities electric scooters are more and more popular. You can hire it for a small charge and ride wherever you want in the city. That is great idea in summer. You are fast but haven’t any parking problem.  You can also “abandon” scooter in every place you choose and go inside interesting building.

2. Bicycle

It is fine solution but only if you are fit. Bicycle requires a lot of strength and also causes perspiration. And it is outside my definition of “comfort”. But somebody can like it.

3. City transport

Buses or trams are OK, because you have no problem with parking you car. But it is it only advantage, especially in smaller cities. Changes, traffic jams, timetable – these things can make you really angry. And you lose a lot of time.

4. Train

I like it very much because trains are comfortable and not so expensive. And you don’t need special permission inside EU or if you go to the USA.  But trains are slower than airplanes and can’t across seas or oceans, so I choose it only on short travel in my country.

5. Plane

The best option if you go far away and need to across ocean. Or if you try to sightsee more than one city in Canada or USA. Travel is fast and comfortable. Disadvantages? Of course: planes sometimes crash. And it is expensive. And – if you go to the USA – you must complete the formalities like ESTA or visa. Learn more on this website.

6. Own car

In my opinion – one of the worst options. You are tired after travel and have trouble with place to park your vehicle. If you really need a car – think about hire one on time you spent in the city.

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